TV News Agency is a Kigali-based TV news agency covering events live and with quality TV packages in East Africa. We provide content from customised feature reports, b-roll, live feeds to crewing and post-production services. Our Kigali feedpoint is connected directly to the African SEACOM fiber optics backbone and enables us to provide live feeds via fiber optics, 3G/4G or wireless broadband. The feedpoint also offers a breathtaking city view for live standuppers. Where no fixed line internet is available we deliver through mobile VSAT directly into your broadcast playout server. Our producers all have a news agency background and understand your story requirements and content rules.


Streaming Service

As approved partner of the Google Content Delivery System with direct fiber connection to the Google Nairobi Data Center afriLIVE is introducing a new generation of highspeed Broadcast TV streaming services to Rwanda and beyond. As with all afriLIVE services we provide complete service packages, with up to 8-camera mixed live feed using fiber optics or wireless Wimax on demand, worldwide real-time availability of the IP video stream, and automatic link generation to your saved streams so your content can be viewed also after the live events.


Commonwealth Broadcasting Association

The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) is the world’s largest association of broadcasters. The CBA News Exchange has been set up to provide its member broadcasters with simple and economic way to source news snippets from other members around the Commonwealth. It also gives participants an avenue to distribute reports, on the issues affecting their countries, worldwide. BBC (UK), ABC (Australia), CBC (Canada) are just three of the 97 member broadcasters in 50 countries around the globe. Rwanda now has a voice on CBA.

East Africa

Events Production

Our events department is a full service agency for your networking events in Eastern Africa, from the acquisition of local sponsors over event logistics and media campaigns to multimedia event coverage all from one single reliable source. We organise events of any size, from a conference with live streaming up to a festival on stadium grounds. We put the LIVE in our name as we produce your event like a live TV show, with perfect scheduling and attractive for live event coverage by our media partners or live streaming, to put you ahead of the competition.